realme X50 5G appeared on GeekBench: 8GB RAM + Snapdragon 765G

realme X50 5G (model RMX2051) appeared on the GeekBench running sub-site. According to website information, realme X50 5G is equipped with 8GB of running memory, equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G processor, running Android 10-based operating system, its single-core running score is 2907 multi-core running score 7017, and Kirin 810 single-core 2839 points multi-core Compared with the score of 7930, the single-core is basically the same, and the multi-core is slightly inferior.


In terms of configuration, the realme X50 5G mobile phone will be equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G processor, with a double-perforated screen design in the upper left corner; it supports dual-channel Wi-Fi and 5G simultaneous online functions. In terms of charging, it will be equipped with an enhanced version of VOOC Flash Charge 4.0, which will charge to 70% in 30 minutes.

In terms of battery life, Wang Wei, the product director of Realme, previously posted on Weibo the battery level of the realme X50 5G mobile phone after one day, and you can see the remaining battery level of 62%; Wang Wei also said that this is normal use, not heavy; this also means this The battery life of this mobile phone is expected to reach two days.

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