Silicon Labs’ Zigbee 3.0 solution helps Konke launch smart home panels and security products

Beijing, China – September 23, 2021 – Silicon Labs (also known as “Silicon Technology”, NASDAQ: SLAB), a global leader dedicated to building a more connected world with secure and smart wireless technology, and smart home products for the global market Konke, a leading IoT company that provides smart hardware and system solutions, today launched a series of Konke smart home panels and security products using Silicon Labs EFR32MG (Mighty Gecko) System-on-Chip (SoC). As part of the Silicon Labs Zigbee 3.0 solution portfolio, the Mighty Gecko SoC can unify the Zigbee network standard on thousands of nodes, so as to provide better interoperability, reliability and connectivity for Koke’s smart home users.

“Silicon Labs is committed to developing wireless technology to support and realize cross-ecosystem and network connectivity in smart applications,” said Matt Johnson, president of Silicon Labs. “By choosing Silicon Labs’ Mighty Gecko SoC, KC has realized Zigbee 3.0 connectivity in low-power, certified, and scalable devices-these devices are the core of the smart home.”

Mighty Gecko SoC has reliable, scalable, and interoperable multi-protocol functions that can meet the market’s needs for Zigbee, Thread and Bluetooth. It includes the following features:

·High-performance, low-power Arm? Cortex?-M33 core

·Strong wireless signal coverage capability, 20dBm output power and -104.5 dBm receiving sensitivity

·Enhanced security functions to support developers to achieve strong security in connected products

· Simplicity Studio 5 integrated development environment, which can help IoT developers speed up product launch

By providing the Zigbee 3.0 connection standard, Silicon Labs’ SoC can provide ideal solutions for various smart home and commercial applications such as lighting, voice assistants, and smart meters.

“We have used Silicon Labs’ EFR32MG Wireless Gecko products with Zigbee 3.0 connectivity in our Bond security suits, Haydn’s smart panel series, and many other smart home products to ensure that our devices have a higher network performance. Reliability and interoperability.” said Robert Shan, general manager of the Overseas Business Unit of Kongke. “By integrating Silicon Labs’ easy-to-use and flexible connectivity solutions, Konke can focus on creating outstanding consumer products with innovative designs.”

The Bond series is a brand new smart security kit launched by Konke for the field of home security sensing, including 9 products such as smoke alarms, water immersion sensors, gas alarms, and SOS buttons. Through the design and development of Konke, this series of products are more practical in function, more durable in performance, and more outstanding in appearance, allowing consumers to feel at ease whether they are at home or out. Haydn series is a series of smart panel products developed by Konke, covering lighting, curtains, dimming, HVAC and other categories. It can integrate a variety of control functions and supports personalized row customization. Users can customize according to their own needs. The combination of functions makes home interaction more convenient and efficient.

Konke and Silicon Labs have maintained a long-term cooperation, and used Silicon Labs’ wireless SoC, modules, software protocol stack and Simplicity Studio integrated development environment to create a variety of IoT devices. Konke recently participated in the 2021 Works With Developer Conference held by Silicon Labs as a sponsor. On September 15th, Shan Ting, General Manager of the Overseas Business Department of Konke, was one of the guests at the opening theme conversation of the Asia-Pacific Conference, and discussed the current market trends and future growth opportunities of the Internet of Things. To watch the replay, please click here.

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