Some Process Analysis Of CNC Machined Parts Drawings

(1) Method of dimensioning in cnc machining parts drawings:
The dimensions on the part drawing are an important basis for manufacturing and inspecting the part. It is required that the dimensions in the part drawing do not allow any errors during production. In addition to the requirements for correctness, completeness, and clarity, the dimensions on the parts drawings should also be considered reasonable. They must meet the design requirements and be easy to process and measure. ? About dimensioning mainly includes functional dimensions, non-functional dimensions, nominal dimensions, basic dimensions, reference dimensions, repeated dimensions, and so on.The dimensions of the part drawings are complete and error-free, so that the processor can easily analyze, measure and process. According to these dimensional accuracy, the blank is Φ95 * 250mm and the material is 45 steel.
(2) Analyze the geometric elements of contours of CNC machining parts
The outline of the part is mainly composed of cylindrical surface, spherical surface, groove and keyway, inner hole and so on.
(3) Analysis of the structure and technology of CNC-machining parts
This part is a slender shaft. The slender shaft has the characteristics of small diameter and long length. The length of the suspension body is too long during processing, and it is prone to vibration or the surface roughness value is too low, so it must be used during processing. Auxiliary heel holder and auxiliary fixture. Also pay attention to the heat treatment, because cold work will be deformed after hardening, bowing or S-shaped.
(4) Analysis of precision and technical requirements of CNC-machining parts
① The precision and technical requirements of this part are complete and reasonable
② The precision of CNC cutting processing in this process is relatively high. This requirement can be achieved in cnc machine tools. It can be divided into three steps: rough machining, semi-finishing and finishing.
③ The left end of the outer circle size of Φ90 in the figure has higher position accuracy requirements. All the procedures in this section should be completed in one clamping process, except for the keyway.
④ For surfaces with high surface roughness requirements, the cutting should be performed at a constant circumferential speed.
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