Speed ​​reducer of window motor


The output power of the four-speed reduction device (deceleration box assembly) of the window motor is mainly reduced by the worm and worm gear matched with the rotating shaft, and then transmitted to the lifting mechanism of the door and window.

Therefore, the quality requirements for the gearbox components are relatively high. Reducer housing and end cover The reducer housing (end cover) is an injection molded part of high-quality engineering plastics, and its mold shape is complex, 106 needs to strictly ensure the accuracy of processing dimensions. In particular, the shape and position tolerances of the bearing chamber, the worm support part and the stop part must meet the requirements. The raw material of the reducer housing (end cover) is made of glass fiber reinforced or inorganic filler modified polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) thermoplastic (containing 25% glass fiber). Its outstanding feature is its excellent molding and processing performance and an excellent price-to-price ratio.

pay tear polyphthalamide (nylon) PA6 (containing 30% glass fiber) is the shell-like carbon cover material to improve its heat resistance and increase its bowing changes.

In addition to the thermal protector, there is also a brush fixing groove on the end cover seven. The structure design of the reducer shell adopts reinforcing ribs in many places to ensure uniform wall thickness. The flatness of the assembly surface of the flange surface that is connected to the casing should be guaranteed, and the verticality of 0.08 is essential for the assembly of the motor assembly.

When designing the bottom hole of the self-tapping screw, ensure that the torque does not slip. The best performance, stable transmission performance and low noise characteristics of the Weifu* end-cover of the reducer housing (end cover). The tooth profile design of the worm gear directly affects the coordination with the worm, and affects the operating efficiency of the motor and the control of noise.

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