Stack Injection Mould

Stack injection mould, also called hamburger moulds ,is kind of injection moulds,which is used for large mass injection molding activity, is suitable for high precision injection molding product.Sino Mould can supply ultrathin and high speed stack injection moulds.
Stack injection mold series: stack crate injection mould, CD injection mould,DVD injection molds, cup injection moulds, spoon and disposable injection molds.
Stack injection molds ejecting ways: ejected by gas pressure or hydraulic cylinder.
Stack injection molds use hot runner system with valve gate.
Stack injection molds advantages: high efficiency, reducing power consumption and production cost,saving raw materials
Stack injection molds features: high speed injection moulds with large scale and full-automatic.
Sino Mould’s designing point is how to solve the problem of main runner connection. And Sino Mould can adjust the thickness of the injection molds so that the stack moulds don’t interfere with the injection machines.It means the stack mould has no special requirements on plastic injection machine.
Sino Mould is stack injection moulds supplier,stack injection mould designer,stack injection mould making factory, provide high speed and power saving stack injection moulds to the all world.

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