Sukede: Analysis of common failures of the spindle of the splitter and its treatment methods

The high-speed electric spindle is one of the core components of the splitter. The high-speed electric spindle used in the splitter for a long time under high load usually has various failures. So what are our common splitter spindle failures? How to solve these faults?

1. The noise and vibration of the spindle of the sub-board machine are relatively large

Reason analysis: the spindle is damaged due to improper assembly of the bearing or other parts, the bearing has low accuracy or poor retention, the stator and the rotor have poor coaxiality, the air gap between the stator and the rotor is uneven, and the manufacturing accuracy of the spindle parts is low or long-term Deformation after use destroys the balance accuracy, the preload is too small or the spring is not installed in place or even breaks, the rotor cage bar is broken or the contact is poor, the rigidity of the grinding wheel is poor, and the accuracy is low.

Treatment method: Screen better bearings, correct the coaxiality of the stator and rotor, check the accuracy of the main parts such as the housing, shaft, rotor and large cover, increase the pre-tightening force, reassemble the electric spindle, and select the one with good rigidity and high precision The connecting rod of the grinding wheel ensures the normal and stable operation of the electric spindle.

2. The main shaft of the sub-board machine is stuck and cannot be rotated

Reason analysis: the bearing in the main shaft is worn and blocked by debris, which causes the bearing to jam; the gap between the front dust ring and the rear dust ring is blocked by foreign matter.

Treatment method: The spindle needs to be sent back for overhaul.

Third, the chuck cannot be locked, resulting in the knife falling or breaking

Reason analysis: the cone surface of the front end of the rotor is damaged, and the surface of the chuck is deformed and damaged.

Solution: Please send the spindle back for taper grinding, the damaged chuck cannot be used anymore.

Fourth, the spindle temperature is too high during use

Cause analysis: The main shaft has been used for a long time without cooling measures; the bearing is damaged.

Treatment method: take good measures to cool the spindle. It is recommended to use a water cooler and a cooling fixture to cool the spindle; send the spindle back to our company for disassembly and overhaul.

5. The spindle of the sub-board is blocked, but the inverter shows power output

Cause analysis: It may be the phase voltage is unbalanced.

Solution: Check whether the connection between the main shaft and the drive line, the drive line and the inverter is good.

Six, the spindle of the sub-board machine stops rotating and cannot be started

Reason analysis: It may be that the stator coil of the main shaft is burnt out, or the insulation paint of the coil has melted. Check the fault information of the inverter to see if the inverter is braking.

Treatment method: First, use a multimeter to measure whether the resistance between the three UVW pins of the socket at the rear of the spindle is balanced; then check the use environment, whether the filter and pressure regulator are used to filter and adjust the pressure of the sealing gas; check the inverter Parameter setting, adjust the inverter parameters. If the resistance is unbalanced, it can be determined that the stator coil is burnt; send the main shaft back for repair.

Seven, the spindle of the sub-board is difficult to start

Reason analysis: the power plug is not plugged in properly, the contact is poor or not connected, the power supply is not enough or does not match the electro-spindle, the inverter startup protection is not adjusted to the best value, the power supply is missing or the contactor is poorly contacted, etc., will cause the electro-spindle Difficulty starting. Excessive preload applied to the bearing in the electric spindle and mutual friction between parts can also cause difficulty in starting. However, in most cases, the reason for the difficulty in starting is: The air gap between the rotor and the rotor is too small and the stator winding is damaged.

Treatment method: first check the power supply voltage, current and power, check whether the power supply is normal, readjust the inverter according to the electrical parameters of the electro-spindle, and then check the ground insulation of the stator winding and the balance of the three-phase winding. Once a fault is found, Repair immediately. If the air gap between the stator and the rotor is too small, grind the outer diameter of the rotor so that the gap between the stator and the rotor maintains the design value. If there is friction between the parts, grind the outer diameter of the parts to ensure that there is sufficient clearance between them. Correcting the set value of preload can also improve the starting condition of the electro-spindle. Therefore, when the electro-spindle is difficult to start, specific solutions should be found for the equipment.

8. Poor processing accuracy

Reason analysis: bearing accuracy is low, spindle accuracy is poor, man-made damage or long-time work causes the spindle accuracy to be lost, the front end bearing seat and the bearing are too loose, the preload is too small or the parts are jammed, the front and rear nuts are loose, and the shaft appears Fluctuating, poor quality of grinding wheel adapter.

Treatment method: select the better bearing, reassemble, the seat hole and the main shaft are plated with hard chromium and then reground to the required accuracy, increase the pre-tightening force, lock the front and rear nuts, and use the set screws to lock the tightness. The rigidity is good. High-precision grinding wheel adapter.

Nine, slow down or unstable speed

Reason analysis: the power supply voltage is too low, does not match the electrical parameters, the power is low, the rotor cage bar is broken or the contact is poor.

Treatment method: first check whether the power output, frequency, voltage, power are matched with the electro-spindle. If the power of the electro-spindle is too small, select a higher-power electro-spindle that meets the requirements of the working conditions, check the quality of the cage, and choose a larger capacity Electric spindle.

10. Continuous bearing burnout

Reason analysis: poor lubrication, too high speed, too small or too large preload, and excessive load.

Treatment method: replace the grease or check the quality of the oil mist, check the oil supply in the oil channel, measure the speed, adjust the frequency converter to ensure the normal operation of the electric spindle, check and adjust the preload to make it reach the best value.

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