TE Connectivity Attends 2020 Sino-Swiss Economic Forum, Seeking Wisdom and Sustainable Development Together

Beijing, China — November 23, 2020 — Recently, Tyco Electronics (TE Connectivity, hereinafter referred to as “TE”) was invited to attend the Sino-Swiss Economic Forum, one of the largest economic summits between China and Switzerland. As a global industry technology company headquartered in Switzerland and rooted in China for more than 30 years, TE has conducted exchanges and sharing with many well-known Sino-Swiss companies and representatives from all walks of life around the theme of “Creating a Better Future Together-Wisdom and Sustainable Development”. At the same time, on the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Switzerland, TE also expressed its willingness to continue to actively support bilateral cooperation in business, technology and sustainable development.

“From the’new infrastructure’ to the ’14th Five-Year Plan’, we have noticed that China will focus on building a new development pattern, forming a strong domestic market, and at the same time boosting residents’ consumption upgrades. These will bring many opportunities to TE. Mr. Lai Yongge, vice president and general manager of TE Connectivity in China, said, “On the one hand, TE has been deeply involved in China for more than 30 years. Circulation. On the other hand, we can rely on TE’s global layout, especially the capabilities of the Swiss headquarters, to promote exchanges and cooperation in technological innovation at home and abroad, and promote the development of mutual trade.”

Interconnection technology helps build smart cities

Smart cities need smart connections to collect data, distribute power, and transmit signals in a timely, efficient, and precise manner, so as to better connect the city’s systems and services, optimize city management and services, and ultimately improve the quality of life of residents.

TE’s advanced connection and sensing solutions not only involve a wide range of applications in power, data or signal transmission, but also help many traditional infrastructures to transform into smart infrastructures. One of the representatives of rapid development is interconnected street lights. As one of the most widely-covered infrastructures in the city, the current street lights are not limited to the function of lighting. The application of TE ANSI-compatible rotatable dimming sockets, LUMAWISE Endurance S module group and other products not only help the new generation of LED street lights automatically adjust the lighting according to traffic and environmental conditions, but also can detect and collect traffic network, pedestrian and public safety data. At present, TE has cooperated with some innovative enterprises in China to explore a new era of smart lighting together.

In addition, TE is also actively working with customers and partners to accelerate the implementation of future smart travel methods. TE assists in the sensing and connection of smart connected cars from data collection to data applications. Through a wealth of sensing technologies and coaxial, differential, optical, hybrid and antenna connection solutions, it helps automakers cope with from 100M to Gigabit Connectivity challenges in high-speed data networks, infotainment, and autonomous driving.

“Connected Promise” to promote a sustainable future

Just this year, TE released a global long-term strategy for sustainable development and corporate responsibility, setting new goals for the company’s sustainable development and charity by 2030. TE’s “One Connected World” strategy elaborated on “reducing waste emissions”, “reducing greenhouse gas emissions by more than 35%,” and “promoting new-generation technology education, with plans to benefit 3 million people. “People” and other companies hope to achieve nine strategic goals by 2030.

One of the major goals is to “integrate the concept of sustainable development into TE’s product innovation.” Taking industrial and commercial transportation as examples, TE has been committed to helping customers develop smarter and environmentally friendly products to improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions in harsh application environments. Vehicle urea and urea concentration play a key role in vehicle power, fuel consumption, and exhaust emissions. The urea quality sensor can monitor the quality of urea in real time, mainly the concentration. TE’s urea quality level sensor uses ultrasonic technology to monitor the urea concentration, and at the same time monitors the urea level and temperature. It has been verified and used by many well-known OEMs around the world.

“Switzerland is known globally for’innovation’,’high-end manufacturing’ and’sustainable development’, and this is also the strategic direction of China’s vigorous development. As a global industry technology company, TE hopes to continue to promote the development of digitalization, intelligence, innovation and sustainability between the two countries, and work with customers and partners to create a smart and sustainable future.”

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