The body composition analyzer reveals that the root of weight loss is the problem of eating

The body composition analyzer reveals that the root of weight loss is the problem of eating

Don’t envy other people’s good figure. Weight loss requires external conditions. For example, in cold places, people like to eat more. Exercise less. You can’t lose weight when you are surrounded by food.

The root of weight loss is eating. Many fat people can’t control the problem of eating. So don’t eat a lot in the morning. Soak some oatmeal~ You can eat it directly or boil it. You can eat fruit or something. Don’t eat too much. You can also eat fried dough soy milk. You can eat more at noon. Eat staple food. Eat a full meal. To eat more vegetables, vegetables are the most nutritious. It is best for everyone to eat more fruits and vegetables every day to add fresh protein. What’s fresh protein. That is fish, chicken, duck, lean meat, beef, don’t eat fat, remember not to eat fat. Eat less fat. Why can’t you eat more fat? In fact, the essence of fat is high-density energy.

Fatty meat has more energy than sugar. Therefore, eating more fat is the basis for gaining weight. And don’t believe that some people say that if you eat less, you will be hungry. Then you will definitely be tempted to eat snacks. Isn’t that a waste of effort? So be full at noon. What are you doing after eating? I can’t rest. Exercise after eating and walk for more than an hour. Be sure to walk slowly. Too fast is bad for the stomach. Walk until you sweat. Dinner is the most important. Be careful to eat dinner as little as possible. It is easily absorbed by the stomach and intestines at night, so don’t eat for three hours before going to bed. You will absorb as much as you eat. Remember to remember. If you encounter any problems, you can consult the editor of the body composition analyzer.

The most important thing to lose weight is mentality. Don’t worry, weight loss is a long process. You must persevere in losing weight. Don’t be afraid of losing weight. This is a common problem. Be sure to give yourself a goal. Persistence for one month will have obvious results. Don’t deliberately avoid snacks, choose low-calorie and low-fat foods, eat less, and try to keep yourself busy.

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