The first in China to open up the entire silicon carbide industry chain, and Sanan Integrated to complete the creation of a mass production platform

China’s compound semiconductor industry chain manufacturing platform, Sanan Integration, recently announced that it has completed the construction of a mass production platform for silicon carbide MOSFET devices. The first 1200V 80mΩ product has been developed and passed a series of product performance and reliability tests. It can be widely used in photovoltaic inverters, switching power supplies, pulse power supplies, high-voltage DC/DC, new energy charging and motor drives. Helps to reduce system volume, reduce system power consumption, and improve power system power density. At present, many customers are in the sample testing stage.

As China’s “14th Five-Year Plan” surfaced, investment in third-generation semiconductor projects has intensified. According to incomplete statistics, 8 companies plan to invest a total of more than 43 billion yuan in 2020, and the construction projects of silicon carbide and gallium nitride materials have experienced a “blowout”. Sanan Integrated said, “Healthy competition will help the upstream and downstream coordinated development of the industry chain. We will speed up the launch of new products and capacity building in order to maintain the first-mover advantage.” It is reported that Sanan integrated silicon carbide Schottky diodes in 2018. After the launch in 2010, the product line layout from 650V to 1700V has been completed, and the cumulative shipment has reached more than one million. The high reliability of the device has won unanimous praise from customers.

Compared with traditional silicon-based IGBT power devices, the 1200V80mΩ silicon carbide MOSFET launched this time, the wide bandgap silicon carbide material has “higher, faster and stronger” characteristics – higher withstand voltage and heat resistance, Faster switching frequency, lower switching losses. The excellent high temperature and high voltage characteristics make silicon carbide MOSFETs perform well in high-power applications, especially in high-voltage applications. Under the same power, silicon carbide MOSFETs have small device losses, which greatly reduces the heat dissipation requirements of the devices and makes the system Towards the direction of miniaturization, light weight and integration. This is very important for the power system of “an inch of land and an inch of gold”, such as new energy car charger OBC, server power supply, etc.

From SiC Schottky diodes to MOSFETs, Sanan Integrated has completed the layout of SiC device product lines within 3 years. On the premise of ensuring device performance, we provide high-quality and high-reliability silicon carbide products. The first industrial grade SiC MOSFET features a planar design with excellent body diode capability, high temperature DC characteristics, and excellent threshold voltage stability.

Stronger body diode capability

Due to the structure of the device, the body diode of the silicon carbide MOSFET is a PiN diode, and the turn-on voltage of the device is high and the loss is large. In actual use, the freewheeling current is often used in parallel with Schottky diodes to reduce system losses. By optimizing the device structure and layout, Sanan’s integrated silicon carbide MOSFET greatly enhances the current capacity of the silicon carbide body diode, does not require additional parallel diodes, reduces system cost, and reduces system volume.

Excellent threshold voltage stability

How to obtain a high-quality silicon carbide gate oxide structure is currently a common problem in the industry. The quality of the gate oxide will not only affect the channel current capacity of the MOSFET, but also cause the phenomenon of threshold shift, and even lead to reliability failure in severe cases. Through repeated tests and optimization of gate oxide conditions, Sanan integrated the stability of the threshold voltage has been significantly improved, and the threshold drift of 1000hr is within 0.2V.

21IC has noticed that compared with traditional silicon devices, the inherent performance advantages of silicon carbide have created a huge market demand for high-performance and high-efficiency applications. At present, there is a constant shortage of silicon carbide MOSFETs in the industry. The creation of a mass production platform for silicon carbide MOSFET devices is bound to accelerate the expansion of silicon carbide device production capacity and boost the application expansion of silicon carbide in more fields.

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