The measurement indicators of the body composition analyzer include those

The measurement indicators of the body composition analyzer include those

How does the body composition analyzer measure the body composition? What is its principle?

The body composition analyzer is an instrument that can measure the body composition health index. It is composed of professional tester host, professional consulting management software, color printer A/B type machine, etc., and can be used in internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics, intensive care, rehabilitation, sports medicine, and cosmetology.

The body composition analyzer adopts the BIA bio-impedance detection technology used at home and abroad, and is based on the new DXA method statistics to measure body composition: body fat, weight, BMI (body mass index), non-fat mass and other health indexes, thereby Effectively indicate the physical health of the test person.

On the basis of DXA, the DSM method has become a simpler and more direct method for measuring body composition. The test results using the two measurement methods show 98% similarity.

The measurement indicators of the body composition analyzer include body weight, fat weight, body fat percentage, lean body weight, muscle content, total body water, extracellular fluid, intracellular fluid, body cell weight, segmental muscle analysis (left and right upper limb muscles) Weight, left and right lower limb muscle weight, trunk muscle weight), weight control goals, abdominal obesity analysis, waist-to-hip ratio, visceral fat area, visceral fat content, subcutaneous fat content, visceral fat development prediction, protein content, mineral content, Basal metabolic rate, total energy expenditure, body shape analysis, body age, body composition analysis and historical results comparison, edema index…

Therefore, the application field of body composition analyzer is not only suitable for major hospitals, but also sports scientific research, geriatrics, training bases, rehabilitation medicine, fitness and fitness, clinical medicine, sports medicine, medical examination, national fitness monitoring, and body health medicine. , Judging the physical condition of the testee from various angles, so as to carry out comprehensive exercises and adjust physical fitness according to the physical condition.

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