The shutdown of many chip factories in Vietnam has any impact on global semiconductors?

IT House June 1 news According to CCTV Finance, Southeast Asia is the world’s major semiconductor chip packaging and testing center. Recently, the epidemic situation in Vietnam, Malaysia and other countries has deteriorated, which is likely to exacerbate the global chip shortage problem.

It is understood that Xiaomi, Huawei, Samsung, Intel, Apple, etc. all have industrial chain layouts in Vietnam, mainly concentrated in the industrial provinces of northern Vietnam. Hundreds of Vietnam’s Bac Giang and Bac Ninh provinces have recently entered the global supply chain. chain factory. At present, due to the worsening of the epidemic, these two provinces have closed some factories and adjusted the working hours of employees. Once these measures last longer or there are more blockade measures, the impact on the supply chain will be inevitable.

IT House learned that reports said that starting today, Malaysia has re-entered a nationwide total blockade, which has brought new challenges to the global supply chain of semiconductor chips and Electronic products.

On the whole, Southeast Asia accounts for 27% of the global chip packaging and testing market. In view of the current development and changes in the epidemic, Intel CEO once again expressed concerns about the supply of the chip market, saying that the shortage may take several years to resolve.

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