The significance of body composition testing allows customers to know their physical condition

The significance of body composition testing allows customers to know their physical condition

Body composition analyzer, an epoch-making achievement in the health industry.

Through the body composition analyzer, you can find the track of improvement of your physical condition for your guests, so as to formulate weight loss plans and health preservation projects. This new type of health management equipment will automatically collect and analyze guests’ physical data, so that you can provide guests with suggestions and solutions. The supporting weight loss health consulting management system is your health consultant, which provides independent health analysis data for each tester. Users can also cooperate with professional diet and health consultant systems to provide guests with thoughtful services. So far, the common method for judging obesity is to calculate the physique index based on height and weight.

(BMI). To accurately determine whether you are obese, you must know the content of adipose tissue. But determining the amount of body fat is not an easy task. The body composition analyzer can measure more than 20 human body indicators such as weight, water, protein, fat and visceral fat within 10 seconds, providing important data for customers’ health management. The calculation models of similar products abroad are based on test data from foreign samples (mainly Westerners).

Due to the different races, especially the differences in body composition between the East and the West, the accuracy of the imported body composition meter cannot be guaranteed. The Tongfang BCA series body composition analyzer has been using Chinese people as test samples since its development, including samples of all genders of all ages, which are highly representative. Therefore, our mathematical model is the model with the most Chinese characteristics, which can be called It is the “Chinese Human Body Composition Model”. The BCA series body composition analyzer developed on this basis naturally has the highest accuracy for the Chinese.
The significance of body composition testing
-Let customers who come to the store for the first time understand their physical condition, provide professional health analysis, and improve
-Customize a scientific and reasonable weight-loss plan based on the test results;
-According to the comparison of the data before and after the weight loss, the weight loss effect is effectively proved, and the weight loss process is carried out
-Reasonably recommend in-store products and services to customers to drive sales of related products;
-Enhance the technological content of the brand and establish the image of “scientific body shaping”;
-As a new service to increase the attractiveness of customers, it is convenient for the new store to establish a reputation;
-Accumulate customer data and improve customer stickiness and loyalty.
Human body composition testing service implementation plan
Body composition analysis is a simple and fast “physical examination”. Customers can get more than 20 test results in less than one minute as long as they stand on a professional tester.
●Purchase a professional detector;
●Operation training and knowledge popularization of store personnel;
●The refinement of shopping guide skills;
●Printing promotional materials, shop POP posters;
●Notify customers and issue experience cards, experience coupons, etc.;
●Customer visits and physical examination;
●Explain and make suggestions based on the test results;
●Implement body-building and health-preserving projects according to the plan;
●Regularly repeat the test to measure the effect;
●Adjust the plan in time according to the test results;
●Successful body shaping, recommend follow-up products and services;
●Customers develop into loyal members.
Practical body fat measuring instrument-BCA-1C
Test frequency 50, 250KHz
Whole machine weight 10kg
Display screen
8.4 (800*600) color
TFT display
Printer thermal printer
【Basic measurement parameters】
Body weight, fat-free mass (FFM), fat mass, total water, protein, bone mass, muscle, body fat percentage
Score (PBF), Body Mass Index (BMI), Waist-Hip Ratio (WHR), Visceral Fat Index (VFI), Body Type Judgment, Body Age, Health Score
【Special analysis】
Weight management standard weight, weight control, fat control amount, muscle control
Measurement of obesity analysis of obesity grade, body fat rate grade, waist-to-hip ratio type
Nutritional assessment
The three major nutrient intake levels and basal metabolic rate BCA-1C is a practical body analysis instrument specially developed for beauty and slimming institutions. It has a generous shape, light and beautiful, and the full-color touch screen operation demonstrates a modern sense. The test is fast, easy to operate, and has a built-in heat. Sensitive printing is convenient for customers and has a very high cost performance.

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