Thin wall container mould

Thin wall container product is popular in our daily life. Chinese mould suppliers make thin wall container mould all over the world. Following let’s talk some technical essential about the thin wall container mould.
For thin wall container, when we make the product design, we should pay more attention to the thickness; consider fluidity of plastic material, injection pressure, clamping force of plastic injection machine…
Most customers want to reduce the production cost, they will make big container with thin wall thickness. If so, we suggest adding the wall thickness or making guiding gutter on the bottom surface; adding the radius for the corner. It will make the plastic material flow fast at the bottom and corner area to fill the entire cavity.
But for some high thin wall container, only add the thickness for bottom is not enough, we can adjust the thickness for side surface or add gutter like following 60L container.

In order to make sure the mould will running well on the injection machine, after product design, we usually make mould-flow to check if the wall thick is ok, if the product design is workable.
We are plastic mould maker, we make lots of thin well container mould every year, if you have any inquiry about container mould, please feel free to contact with us.

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