Titanium pipe fittings solve the problem of pipeline corrosion

In recent years, the standardized production of titanium pipe fittings has appeared in our market, which is also an innovation in the application of titanium pipe, greatly increasing the service life of titanium pipe and enhancing the application of titanium. This paper introduces the generation and development of the standard of titanium pipe fittings inside and outside the market, as well as the production and standardization of titanium pipe fittings in our market.

Pipeline corrosion is a serious damage factor in industrial development. According to relevant media reports, the annual loss of steel due to corrosion is more than ten thousand tons, titanium pipeline transport flammable, explosive, damage, corrosive media, there are dangerous factors. Therefore, the higher the requirement of titanium alloy pipe fitting.

Titanium has the advantages of high strength, light weight, good heat transfer performance and corrosion resistance. Titanium of these features make it a solution to the problem of chemical related engineering relative economic method, although the investment cost is higher than the general performance of titanium material, but titanium has been widely used in the field of chemical industry, based on life cycle analysis, using titanium pipe fittings can shorten downtime, increase by reducing maintenance, product quality and increase the service life of pipeline to reduce the cost.

At present, titanium pipe fittings have been widely used in chemical, petroleum, petrochemical, vacuum salt, preparation, Marine engineering, electric power and other industries. Titanium is widely used in corrosive media due to its good corrosion resistance, such as ionic membrane caustic soda, epoxy propane, etc. Titanium materials have been widely used in equipment and pipelines. Titanium pipe fitting media is also used in formic acid, methane chloride and other projects to solve the problem of pipeline corrosion.

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