Titanium plate anode for ultra high power arc furnace

The success of the domestic development of titanium plate anode for ultra high power arc furnace indicates that various indexes of domestic titanium plate anode have reached the international first-class level, and some indexes are even better than the international advanced titanium plate anode manufacturers, which reduces the production cost and provides a solid technical guarantee for the smooth production.

Implements, the highest since the company put into production, this a few months the user amount, a substantial increase from the previous year, total contract baoji titanium plate 1047.8 tons of titanium plate company is complete, the product is applied in more than 20 industries, sales popularize all regions except Tibet, one contract, product quality, sales are at an all-time high.

Since this year, the company in accordance with the "manufacturing-according-to-sale production", in the face of the contract specifications, process more complex to adjust production management mode, optimization of process route, from time to time, from the perspective of the various problems arising from the production, storage amount in each process commonly used specifications and materials of semi-finished products, to prevent the problem of insufficient blank; The scheduling system of the day, week, month integration of the planning model, the planner from feeding to finished product tracking in the end; In terms of technical quality, the process roadmap was established by sorting out, summarizing and benchmarking the process route to simplify the preparation process. In view of the various specifications of single batch contract, the optimized process database was established, and the process circulation card catalog and specification details were improved to make the circulation card compilation and issuance more rapid. Through the process optimization of heat treatment and degreasing, the heat treatment efficiency of the product was improved, and the problems of acid stain and watermarking were well handled. Continue to carry out equipment refinement management, in order to solve the problem of high precision of incoming materials in the cold rolling process, adjust the rolling process reasonably, and make the monthly production of the cold rolling process reach the highest level in history.

Ultra high power electric arc furnace with Φ 610 mm titanium plate anode has been imported from abroad, since 2004, ultra high power titanium plate anode prices climbed, supplier delivery conditions are also increasingly demanding. After many technical exchanges and field visits, the company successfully developed a domestic fully meet the requirements of the furnace production process.

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