To speed up 5G deployment, Huawei releases innovative 5G microwave long-distance E-band solutions

On November 16, at MBBF2020, Huawei released an innovative 5G microwave long-distance E-band solution, combining IBT smart beam tracking antennas and high-power E-band to increase the E-band carrying capacity from [email protected] to [email protected] 5km, while reducing site deployment requirements and restrictions, speeding up 5G deployment.

As the main solution for microwave 5G bearer, E-band works at 80 GHz high frequency with a bandwidth of up to 20Gb/s. However, the high frequency spectrum and small antenna beam angle make the deployment of larger-aperture antennas require high site stability. The industry mainly uses 0.3-meter antennas to deploy E-band, which has a short transmission distance and is difficult to meet the needs of 5G in-depth deployment.

The innovative IBT smart beam tracking antenna is the industry’s first active microwave antenna, which can intelligently maintain beam stability, greatly reducing E-band’s requirements for the stability of deployment scenarios, breaking through the deployment restrictions of E-band large-diameter antennas, and making 0.6-meter large-diameter Antenna scale deployment and 0.9-meter E-band antenna deployment become possible. In addition, through the new technology to increase the E-band transmission power by 6db, the combination of the two technologies will increase the maximum transmission distance of the E-band by more than 50%, reaching 20Gbps, 5 kilometers, fully meeting the deployment needs of urban scenarios.

E-band Solution
Huawei 5G microwave long-distance E-band solution

At the aggregation site, as the number of directions increases, more spectrum resources are required. The SuperHUB solution improves the spectral efficiency by 2~3 times for multi-directional application scenarios: a single frequency point reuses the number of directions within a 360-degree range, and for the 6~42GHz frequency band, it changes from 4 directions to 12 directions; , changing from 12 directions to 24 directions, improving spectral efficiency and making dense deployment possible, saving customer investment.

For 5G deployment scenarios, Huawei 5G Microwave has made innovative breakthroughs in transmission distance, spectrum efficiency, and deployment conditions. It provides ultra-wide, extremely simple, and easy-to-deploy 5G microwave bearer solutions to accelerate the construction of 5G networks.

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