U.S. launches new GPS satellites for faster positioning and higher accuracy

According to foreign media reports, the United States announced this week that it has updated its GPS global positioning system, and the recently launched GPS III-SV04 satellite was officially launched.

On November 5, SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket successfully launched the GPS III-SV04 satellite into space. It is reported that a total of 10 GPS III satellites are expected to be launched, and 4 have been launched so far. The GPS Type III system includes not only newly designed 15-year life satellites, but also better performance, such as stronger signal and better anti-jamming capability. Replacement and elimination, etc.

At present, the United States manages 31 GPS satellites, and must ensure 24 all-weather stable operation.

21IC has noticed that since this year, China’s Beidou satellites have begun to provide global services, and their accuracy and functions are better. According to the data of Trimble Navigation Company, an American satellite signal receiving company, among the 195 major countries in the world, among the capitals of 165 countries (accounting for 85%), the frequency of China Beidou observation is higher than that of the US GPS. . To this end, the “Nikkei Asian Review” issued an article that “in 165 countries, China’s Beidou satellite navigation system has eclipsed the United States’ global positioning system (GPS).” Perhaps this is why the United States is eager to upgrade GPS satellites One.

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