Water injector reduces mould cooling time by 50%

Cinpres Gas Injection has introduced an innovative, retrofitable, low profile water injector reduces cooling time by up to 50% of that of traditional gas molding.

Gas assisted moulding specialist, Cinpres Gas Injection, has introduced an innovative low profile water injector, which reduces tooling modification costs An advanced nozzle can be applied as a retrofit system, making it much quicker and easier for companies to trial and evaluate water assisted molding (WAM), said Cinpres.

WAM reduces cooling time by up to 50% of that of traditional gas molding.

The reason is because the thermal conductivity and heat capacity of water is significantly higher than that of gas, allowing a more rapid cooling process and offers greater productivity to the mould shop.

Cinpres’ managing director, Jon Butler, said: "The new water injector nozzle gives customers who are already molding parts with gas, the opportunity to see what can be achieved by using water in a real world application".

He added: "Past concerns over the cost and time involved in modifying tools to accept water injection systems have been eliminated with this new breakthrough".

Based on the plastic expulsion process (PEP) – patented and licensed by Cinpres Gas Injection – WAM molds hollow or partly hollow components by injecting water, or a combination of gas and water, into molten plastics in the mold, and gives core-out with a smoother interior surface finish and reduced cycle times.

Cinpres said the technology is particularly suitable, for example, when designing handles, under bonnet applications or large tubular sections in the automotive industry.

"The full potential of water assisted molding is achieved when the process is designed in from the start," said Butler.

"However, the new water injector provides existing customers with the freedom and flexibility to trial alternatives to determine which method best suits their designs".

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