What are the actual storage requirements for titanium bars and wires?

Titanium alloy bar and wire have the characteristics of small specific gravity, high thermal strength, thermal stability and good corrosion resistance, which are widely used in aviation, aerospace, atomic energy and chemical industry. But this material cutting processing difficulties, has been to solve the low efficiency of titanium alloy processing, poor surface quality technical problems in the continuous exploration, with the advanced manufacturing technology is more and more widely used in the manufacturing industry, ultra-high speed cutting technology used in titanium alloy cutting showed obvious advantages. But titanium rod, titanium wire maintenance, received a number of factors. The requirements for specific environments in the warehouse are described below:

1. For the storage of titanium rod products site or warehouse, should be selected in a clean, clean, drainage smooth place, away from harmful gas or dust factories and mines. On the ground to remove weeds and all sundry, maintain the tidiness of titanium.

2. It shall not be stacked together with acid, alkali, salt, mineral soil and other materials that are denudable to titanium materials in the warehouse. Different varieties of titanium classification should be piled up, avoid mislead, avoid contact with the corrosion of the object.

3. Large titanium tubes, titanium rods, thick titanium plates, large diameter titanium tubes and titanium forgings can be stacked in the open air.

4. Medium and small size model titanium rod, titanium forging, titanium wire, etc. can be stored and placed in a ventilated and satisfactory material shed, remember to cover the pad.

5. Small-scale titanium, thin titanium plate, titanium belt, small diameter or special titanium tube, a variety of cold rolled, cold drawn titanium and high price, easy to corrosion metal products, can be stored in storage.

6. Warehouse requirements often maintain appropriate storage background, pay attention to ventilation in sunny days, pay attention to close moisture in rainy days.

7. The warehouse should be selected according to the geographical conditions, the ordinary think appropriate and use the ordinary closed type of warehouse, that is, the roof has a fence, family size, with ventilation facilities.

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