What are the commonly used words for pressure vessels

pipe and tube pipe plate plate rods and bars specification for standard pressure, parts standard pressure components unidentified use of over thickness listed in Section II welded vessels with thicknesses that exceed those listed in the volume II table Measurement, dimensional size of out-of-roundness of shells Metal temperature determination Metal temperature, determine control of control Mill undertolerance Minimum thickness of plate plate Miscellaneous pressure parts Other pressure Parts control Multichamber vessels design Multi-pressure chamber vessels, design
Multiple Duplicate Vessels Multiple Safety Valves Multiple Safety Valves Nameplates Nameplates New Materials Noncircular Vessels Noncircular Vessels Ligation Efficiency Hole Band Coefficient Nomenclature Term Obround Design Oblong Design Rectangular Design Rectangular Design Examples Rectangular Design On Pressureinforce parts, attachment of the connection of non-pressure components Notch ductility test Nozzle openings, reinforced, unreinforced, unreinforced, unreinforced, and unreinforced, subject to external pressure, nozzle attachment, to shell Shell connection minimum thickness of neck (see also Connections) (also see connections) Nuts and washers Offset of edges of plates at joints Openings advanced to welds , Adjacent weld closure of closed for connections to brazed vessels for connection to brazed vessels for drainage for discharge head (see Openings head and shell) head (see Openings, head and shell) in flat heads On the flat head, inspect the manhole (see Manholes) Nozzle (see Nozzle opening) Shell (see Openings, head and shell) Shell (see Openings, head and shell) Shell) Through welded joints Openings, head and shell, calculation of openings, heads and shells, calculations not requi ring additional reinforcement does not require additional reinforcement, size reinforcement, size reinforcement for advanced openings reinforcement of adjacent openings reinforcement of reinforcement requiring additional reinforcement shapes permissible, size unforced, unreinforced dimensions Outlets, discharge, pressure releasing devices Out-of-roundness Out-of-roundness Overpressure limit for vessels Partial data report, manufacturer’s parts data report, parts, miscellaneous parts of the manufacturer , Various kinds of Peening Punch Pipe connections openings for pipe connections, used for opening Pipe fittings vessels built of pipe fittings, manufactured containers Pipe and tubes All kinds of pipes Pipe used for shells Piping external to vessel Plate, curve of the tube outside the container, measurement, dimensional check, Plate edges, cutting, edge cutting, exposed left unwelded, leaving the exposed part that is not to be welded inspection of inspecting the plate, covering the alignment cover cutting, forming, forming, heat treatment, heat treatment, identification, marking, impact, test, impact test, inspection, inspection, laying, out, marking, less than 6mm, thickness, 6mm, markings, transfer, after cutting, defects, repairs, minimum thickness, defects pair pecifications standard structural carbon steel structural carbon steel plug welds plug welding Pneumatic test air pressure test pressure yielding joints porosity welded joints porosity charts cool porosity diagrams Postheat treatment and post-heat treatment connections for attaching nozzles and attachments Cooling furnace temperature inspection inspection local local requirements temperature range temperature range welded vessels welding vessel Preheating preheating preparation of plates for welding pressure, design pressure, design also allowed (see also pressure, limits) Visible working pressure, allowable) Pressure parts miscellaneous pressure parts, other Pressure relieving devices Pressure relief devices discharge Installation and operation rupture disks Explosion-proof mold setting Pressure vessels Pressure vessels Exempted of Inspection form Technology products Inspection form Conditions Proof test hydrostatic (see Hydrostatic proof test) verification test, water pressure (see water pressure test) Qualification evaluation of brazers of welders of welding procedures Quality Control System of Quenching and Tempering -actuating closures Quick opening Radiograph factor Radiographing factor Radiographing Radiographs, examination by inspection, partial quality factors, requirements, spot examination, sampling inspection, retests, re-testing Thickness, mandatory minimum, minimum thickness required Radiographs, acceptance by inspector, radiographs, radiation, radiation, radiation, radiation, and radiography that the inspector considers to be qualified Interpretation by standard procedure Rounded indications Reaming holes for screw stays Reaming holes for fixing screws Reducer sections, rules for variable diameter sections, Reinforcement of defined limits and limits of openings

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