What are the requirements for precision hardware

Precision metal stamping parts are stamped from non-ferrous metals and other materials into the required shape and size by external force, and then cut and separated. The materials, stamping dies and stamping equipment of the stamping parts are important factors to ensure their quality.

The precision stamping parts have higher requirements on the shape, flatness, precision and performance of the stamping parts. Therefore, in addition to the hardware conditions, the precision metal stamping parts also have strict requirements on their processing and production processes.

Most of them know that precision metal stamping parts, in addition to meeting the material requirements of customers, require higher precision of stamping parts. These are all technical requirements. First of all, when designing stamping parts molds, the thickness of the material, the height of drawing, and the height of drawing must be considered. Diameter and other issues must have precise calculations and designs, while also taking into account the properties of the material, the physical reactions and properties that occur during the stamping process, and the final forming and performance requirements of the stamping parts.

The second is the requirement of accuracy. The precision of precision metal stamping parts can reach the micron level. However, for precision metal stamping parts with complex shapes, the measurement accuracy requirements and equipment are very important, so in the process of precision metal stamping parts processing and production , Can not ignore the accuracy detection of precision stamping parts.

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