What is a servo hydraulic press system

What is a servo Hydraulic Press system

Servo system, also known as follow-up system, is a reaction control system used to accurately follow or reproduce a certain process. Servo system is an active control system in which the position and condition of the object can be changed according to the input policy (or given value). Its primary task is to expand, transform and adjust the power according to the requirements of the control commands, so that the torque, speed and orientation control of the drive equipment is very flexible and convenient. In many cases, the servo system specifically refers to the controlled quantity (the output of the system) is a reaction control system of mechanical displacement or displacement speed, acceleration, and its effect is to make the output mechanical displacement (or rotation angle) accurately track the input displacement ( Or turning angle), there is no principle difference between its structure and other forms of reaction control system. The servo system was initially used in the national defense industry, such as the control of artillery, the active driving of ships and aircraft, and the launch of missiles. Later, it was gradually implemented in many parts of the national economy, such as active machine tools, wireless tracking control, and so on.

primary effect

Use low-power command signals to control high-power loads;

In the absence of mechanical connection, the remote output shaft is controlled by the input shaft to complete the remote synchronous transmission;

enables the output mechanical displacement to accurately follow the electrical signal, such as recording and indicating appearance.

The continuous promotion of the upgrading of China’s manufacturing industry has provided a huge market for the development of China’s servo industry. In recent years, with the continuous development of CNC machine tools, packaging machinery, electronic special equipment and other occupations, the continuous development and the increasingly sophisticated communication servo skills, New occupations such as the use of wind power industry servo skills in new energy occupations have enabled the rapid development of China’s servo market. In 2010, China’s servo market increased by 39.7% year-on-year, and the market size reached 3.99 billion yuan.

Many far-sighted domestic manufacturers are intensifying research and development efforts to improve the functions of their products, thereby expanding the appeal of their brands, and it will be just around the corner for domestic servo manufacturers to change the imported exclusive format. It is predicted that in the next five years, China’s servo system industry will benefit from the impact of industrial promotion, and will continue to increase at a rate of more than 20%. By 2015, the size of China’s servo system industry market is expected to exceed 10 billion yuan. During the period, domestic servo systems The market share of products will reach about 40%.

Primary classification

From the nature of the components of the system, there are electrical servo systems, hydraulic servo systems, electrical-hydraulic servo systems, and electrical-electric servo systems, etc.;

From the physical properties of the output of the system, there are speed or acceleration servo system and azimuth servo system, etc.;

From the characteristics of the components and signal effects included in the system, there are analog servo systems and digital servo systems;

From the structural characteristics of the system, there are single-pass servo systems, multi-pass servo systems, open-loop servo systems, and closed-loop servo systems.

The servo system is distinguished according to its drive components, including stepping servo system, DC motor (DC motor for short) servo system, and communication motor (communication motor for short) servo system.

Primary use

The effect and composition of the servo system in CNC machining

In the active control system, the system whose output can be changed with certain accuracy following the change of the input is called the follow-up system, also known as the servo system. The servo system of a CNC machine tool refers to an active control system that takes the position and speed of the moving parts of the machine tool as the control amount, also known as the follow-up system.

The servo system is composed of servo drive equipment and drive components (or fulfillment component servo motors). The high-function servo system also has detection equipment to reflect the actual output conditions.

The effect of the CNC machine tool servo system is to accept the command signal from the CNC equipment, drive the moving parts of the machine tool to follow the command pulse movement, and ensure the fast and accurate action, which requires high-quality speed and azimuth servo. The above refers mainly to the feed servo control, and the other is the servo control of the main motion, but the control requirements are not as high as the former. The accuracy and speed of CNC machine tools often depend primarily on the servo system.

use trend

The active control system is not only developed at a rapid speed in theory, but also in its equipment. Modularized, digitalized, high-precision, long-life equipment, updated products are available on the market every 3 to 5 years. Traditional communication servo motors have soft characteristics, and their output characteristics are not single-valued; stepper motors are generally open-loop controlled and cannot be accurately positioned. The motor itself has a speed resonance zone. The PWM speed control system has poor position tracking function and frequency conversion. The speed regulation is simple but the accuracy is sometimes not good. The DC motor servo system is widely used in the azimuth follow-up system with its excellent functions, but it also has defects, such as messy structure, excellent dead zone contradiction at ultra-low speed, and commutation Brushing will bring noise and protection and maintenance problems. The new type of permanent magnet communication servo motor develops rapidly, especially after it is developed from square wave control to sine wave control, the system function is better, and its speed control scale is wide, especially the low speed function is superior.

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