What is FDAC steel? What are the applications of FDAC steel?

Carbon (C) 0.33~0.42 Manganese (Mn) 0.55~0.75 Alum (V) 0.30~0.80 Silicon (Si) 0.80~1.20 Chromium (Cr) 4.80~5.50 Molybdenum (M0) 1.20~1.60 Phosphorus (P) ≤0.030 Sulfur ( S) 0.10~0.151. The hardness is as high as HRC39-44, which can meet the needs of rapid mold making.

2. With the addition of trace elements, the processing performance is still excellent, and it is a free-cutting steel.

3. It has excellent high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.

4. Possess excellent wear resistance and toughness.

1. Aluminum, zinc, magnesium alloy die-casting mold

2. Extrusion die

3. High hardness plastic mold

4. Annealing of parts on the mold: heat to 800-850°C, stay at this temperature for two hours, and let it cool down in the furnace.

Quenching: 550-600℃, heating to 850-900℃, and then heating to a.l000-1.040℃. b. 1.040-1. 080°C hardened in oil (a. Tools that require toughness; b. Tools that require hot work) Tempering: Slowly heat to 550-680°C, stay at this temperature, and then Cooling in still air, tempering should be in the second time. Hardness: Below HRC530℃. ﹙1mm length and width﹚(Ф1-10mm)﹙2mm length and width﹚(Ф10-20mm)﹙3mm length and width﹚(Ф20-30mm)﹙4mm length and width﹚(Ф30-40mm)﹙5mm length and width﹚(Ф40-50mm) ﹙6mm length and width﹚(Ф50-60mm)﹙7mm length and width﹚(Ф60-70mm)﹙8mm length and width﹚(Ф70-80mm)﹙9mm length and width﹚(Ф80-90mm)﹙10mm length and width﹚(Ф90-100mm) ﹙11mm length and width﹚(Ф100-110mm)﹙12mm length and width﹚(Ф110-120mm)﹙13mm length and width﹚(Ф120-130mm)﹙14mm length and width﹚(Ф130-140mm)﹙15mm length and width﹚(Ф140-150mm) ﹙16mm length and width﹚(Ф150-160mm)﹙17mm length and width﹚(Ф160-170mm)﹙18mm length and width﹚(Ф170-180mm)﹙19mm length and width﹚(Ф180-190mm)

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