What is the concept and classification of benchmarks in the processing of Non-standard parts ?

Kinds of processing methods appear before our eyes. because we use these processing methods in different industries. Different products use different processing methods. Different processing is used for different effects. Non-standard parts processing is one of them, But the concept of the benchmark in the processing of non-standard parts,What is the classification?
1. Design basis
 The part drawing is used to determine the points, lines, and faces on which the points, lines, and faces on the part are based.
 2. Process benchmark The benchmark used in the machining and assembly of parts, called the process benchmark, includes the following.
 (1) The procedure used in the process standard drawing is used to indicate the dimensions and shape tolerances of this process. In its essence, it is similar to the design basis, but it is only the benchmark of the process diagram. Most of the process standards overlap with the design standards, and may be overlapped with the design standards and may overlap with the positioning standards for the convenience of processing. (2) The reference on which the workpiece occupies the correct position on the machine or in the fixture during positioning reference machining. If the workpiece is clamped by the direct alignment method, the front side is the positioning reference; the line is used to find the positive method, and the line is drawn as the positioning reference; the surface where the workpiece and the positioning element are in contact is the positioning reference. (3) The reference used to measure the reference workpiece during or after machining. (4) The basis used to determine the relative position of the cnc machining parts or products when assembling the assembly.
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