What is the pneumatic tourniquet used for? how to use

What is the pneumatic tourniquet used for how to use

Used for hemostasis in surgical limb surgery. This equipment controls the air pressure of the tourniquet to compress the limbs and block the blood flow to achieve the purpose of hemostasis.
Our company Weihai Bohua Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of pneumatic tourniquets (automatic pneumatic tourniquets). The pneumatic tourniquet is used as follows:
1. Turn on the power and turn on the power switch.
2. Fix the pneumatic hemostatic cuff on the patient’s limb that needs to stop bleeding, insert one end of the configured trachea into the socket of the cuff, and insert the other end into the air outlet of the machine.
3. Press the pressure up and down keys to set the “pressure” according to the needs of the operation; press the time plus and minus keys to set the hemostasis time.
4. Press the “inflate” button and the inflation indicator light will light up, the machine will quickly inflate and reach the set pressure value, the inflation indicator light will go out, and the operation can be performed.
5. If the air path leaks slightly during the operation, the system can automatically compensate, and intermittent inflation sounds can be heard.
6. After the system is inflated, the time display window will count down.
7. At the end of the operation, press the “deflate” button, and the system can deflate smoothly until the air pressure is zero. Just remove the hemostatic cuff on the patient’s limb.
8. The two channels of the dual-channel model can work independently at the same time or separately, and the operation is the same as that of a single channel.

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