What should I do when the four column hydraulic pump reaches the pulley

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  • 1. The valve position sensor of the four column hydraulic press fails, and it can be replaced in this case.
  • 2. When the control system circuit is poorly grounded, check whether each grounding wire of the roar circuit is reliably grounded, and determine and deal with it by measuring the voltage.
  • 3. If the shift solenoid valve is faulty, first check whether the electromagnet circuit can energize the electromagnet, and then check whether the valve core is inflexible and stuck, and eliminate it.
  • 4. If the speed sensor of four column hydraulic locomotive fails, it can be replaced at this time.
  • 5. The computer or valve plate of the four column hydraulic press is faulty: the simple method is to replace a new computer or valve plate for test. If the fault disappears, the original computer or valve plate is broken and should be replaced.

When encountering such problems, we should first be calm, observe the problems first, understand the problems, adopt the above five methods to repair, and believe that the work will go more and more smoothly.

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