What should we need pay attention to when manufacturing the precision CNC machining parts?

ith the use of precision cnc machining, there are many applications in the industry. It is because of this that many people use it for processing. In order to achieve better results, What should be paid attention to when machining precision parts ? 
1. When finding a positive workpiece:Only use the hand plate to move the chuck or open the minimum speed to find the right, not allowed to open the high speed to find.
 2. When changing the direction of spindle rotation:It is necessary to stop the spindle first and then stop, and it is not allowed to change the direction of rotation suddenly.

3. When loading and unloading the chuck:Only turn the V-belt by hand to drive the spindle to rotate, absolutely stop the machine from being forced to loosen or tighten. At the same time, it is necessary to put a piece of wood on the bed to avoid accidents.
 4, tools device:It should not be stretched too long, the gasket should be flat, and the width should be different from the width of the bottom surface of the cutter.
 5, hardware parts processing:It is not allowed to open the anti-vehicle method to brake the spindle rotation.
 6, return wheel type turret lathe:(1) Bars that are curved and have a rough outer surface are not allowed.
 (2) When loading, the material should be pointed at the chuck hole, and it should be sneaked in, and it is not allowed to knock. 7, program-controlled transfer lathe:According to the processing requirements of the fine hardware parts, the pre-selection of the items such as the spindle speed, the tool holder feed, the tool holder movement track and the continuous offside is stopped. Put the electric knob in the "alignment" position to stop the test, and confirm that there is no problem, then turn the electric rotation to the automatic or semi-automatic position to stop working.

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