What to pay attention to when buying punch online

We must know that the current mainstream is the era of young people, so some people will choose to buy punches directly online, which saves time and effort, but they also worry about whether the equipment purchased online cannot guarantee the quality of the product.

So in order to prevent everyone from being deceived in online shopping, the following editor will talk about what to pay attention to when shopping online?

  • 1. You can ask the punch manufacturer to provide the case around you and give the phone number of the purchasing staff at that time.
  • 2. Allow manufacturers to provide photos during production and processing and storage photos.
  • 3, logistics delivery photos are also required.
  • 4. Let the manufacturer provide photos of the company’s internal activities.

The above points are the points that everyone should pay more attention to when shopping online for punching machines. These points can at least prove the formality of the manufacturer and avoid the possibility that the product is a three-no product. This is to a large extent Can guarantee the quality of the product.

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