Wholesale Custom Silicone Cute Night Light

For a long time, made in China take represent of cheap and low quality. This situation has change now. After over 10 years development, Chinese silicone industry has changed a lot. The silicone promotional gifts China factory provide in recently is high quality with low price due to the development of technology and low labor cost. 
Is silicone night light offed by China supplier high quality?Silicone material night light is a very cute gift for kids. It has colorful light which can attract children's attention.
The main material of this series of night light is food grade silicone rubber. It is not only soft and flexible but also non-toxic and odorless. According to FDA test, this material is food grade. So it is very safe.Want a cheap and high quality selling items or a good gift for your kid or friend, silicone cute night light is a good choice.

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